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When the Clyde Ran Red Cover


When the Clyde Ran Red paints a vivid picture of the heady days when revolution was in the air on Clydeside. Through the bitter strike at the huge Singer Sewing Machine plant in Clydebank in 1911, Bloody Friday in George Square in 1919, the General Strike of 1926 and on through the Spanish Civil War to the Clydebank Blitz, the men and women of Glasgow, Clydebank and beyond fought for the right to work, the dignity of labour and a fairer society for everyone.

'...readers will be swept along into this compelling narrative by Craig's lively and buoyant style. As a record of social change, this book is invaluable. Hopefully a copy has found its way into the Scottish parliament where it should be compulsory reading.' Roddy Phillips, Aberdeen Press and Journal.

'...a moving story told with enthusiasm and full of timely reminders about history and repetition. Her emphasis on the role of women in the Singer strike, the rent strike and the Suffrage movement is a powerful collective to the existing literature, much of which is men writing about other men.' Sunday Herald

'...essential reading ... highly readable ... not just history but also an inspiration for today.' Morning Star

BARE-ARSED BANDITTI: The Men of the '45

They were modern men: doctors and lawyers, students and teachers, shoemakers and shopkeepers, farmers, gardeners and weavers. Children of the Age of Reason, they wrote poetry, discussed the latest ideas in philosophy and science - and rose in armed rebellion against the might of the British crown and government.

Sons of a restless nation which had unwillingly surrendered its independence a mere generation before, some were bound by age-old ties of Highland kinship and loyalty. Others rallied to the cries of 'Prosperity to Scotland - and no Union!'

Many faced agonising personal dilemmas before committing themselves to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite Cause. Few had any illusions about the consequences of failure. Many met their date with destiny on Culloden Moor, players in a global conflict which shaped the world we live in today.

''...a fine example of how to knit together seamlessly the complex and sometimes emotive strands that run through the '45 to give a balanced and gripping account. This is a superbly structured work, written with passion and conviction.' Scots Magazine

'...cleverly retold... The sensitivity and humour in the writing help to make this a very enjoyable and accessible read.'Leopard Magazine

'The picture that emerges is of proud individuals, who were both more eloquent and educated than the bloodthirsty rabble of popular imagination.'Scottish Field

'These stories are deftly told and ... have still great power to move.' The Herald

Bare-Arsed Banditti Cover
Damn' Rebel Bitches Cover

The Women of the '45

A meticulously researched book - drawn from many original documents and letters - but a million miles away from being a dry academic tome. In a lively and irreverent style it tells the often passionate and dramatic stories of the many women who supported Bonnie Prince Charlie. There are lighter moments too: how what you wore could make a political as well as a fashion statement. Why tea, referred to by one prominent Scotsman of the time as a "vile drug," played a crucial role in the liberation of the female of the species.

'a racily-written, well-researched and heart-warming account which also gives a detailed portrait of the social conditions of the times.' Scots Magazine

'glitters with eyecatching gems that shed light on everyday 18th century Scottish life, while the characters step out of the drama to shake your hand with a robustness that is almost frightening.' Press and Journal

'a worthy tribute to all these unsung heroines.' The Herald

'bold and argumentative.' Scotland on Sunday

Tales from Duff House

A lively account of some of the people who have lived and worked at Duff House in Banff over the centuries. Once the home of the powerful Duff family, ennobled as the Earls and subsequently the Dukes of Fife, William Adam's masterpiece is now an out station of the National Galleries of Scotland and administered by a trust which includes the relevant local authorities and Historic Scotland.

'From the wealthy members of the Duff family to the lowliest gardener, all are brought to life.' Scots Magazine

To purchase Footsteps on the Stairs, please contact Duff House in Banff. Tel: +44 (0)1261 818181.
Duff House

Footsteps on the Stairs Cover
Twisted Sisters Cover

Women, Crime and Deviance in Scotland Since 1400

Edited by Yvonne Galloway Brown and Rona Ferguson, Maggie's contribution to this volume is entitled The Fair Sex Turns Ugly: Female Involvement in the Jacobite Rising of 1745.